At we have collected the best gay and male sex dolls and masturbators in the world. These represent the top shemale, tranny, gay and male oversize sex toys currently available.

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1. Ride Me Randy Male Sex Doll Torso

Here’s a big man for a big job and comes to you from Sexflesh, makers of their very own, high grade, flesh replicating material of the same name. This is the Ride Me Randy 3D Male Torso mini life-sized masturbator and he’s packing a sizeable meat stick to have a pound down with.

2. Mandarin Duck Silicone Male Sex Doll

Here’s a hot, high end male sex doll from Mandarin Duck.  He’s got a hot six-pack and is incredibly realistic and decidedly ‘boy-band’ good looking.

3. Tranny Terri Hermaphrodite Torso Sex Doll

A wonderful addition to the transsexual doll market, the Tranny Terri Love Doll from Sexflesh and made of the incredibly lifelike material of the same name is a perfect toy for satisfying some seriously sexy fantasies.

4. Chiseled Chad Male Sex Doll Torso

Sexflesh’s Chiseled Chad is a veritable wet dream in flesh simulating materials for both men and women alike. He’s a full sized sex doll with a body to die for and an extra firm fun pole to facilitate your late night fill up.

5. Ride Me Trans Sex Doll

A fetish fantasy made of the astoundingly lifelike SexFlesh material this lady is packing a .5” inch surprise and a snuggle tunnel of a back door that’s ribbed and ready. Designed to delight the fantasies of any gender this mix of beauty, bouncy breasts and a big hard on is just what our wildest dreams needed.

6. Double Up Dennis Male Sex Doll

Double Up Dennis is a beautifully constructed, hand painted and sculpted piece of oh so fine workmanship with big, bendy boner with veins to spare. He looks astoundingly realistic in his fully 3D form and the feel is his faux flesh is equally awe inspiring.

7. King Mansion Male Sex Doll

This is one of the few fully-sized male, full metal skeleton sex dolls. Made from the incredibly diverse material known as TPE or thermos plastic elastomer rubber, a material that has a natural stretch and grip as well as being more resistant to heat and easy to clean.

8. Penis Rider Combo Sex Doll

SexFlesh, in their endless pursuit of realistically sexy toys have created another masterpiece in both look and feel. Flat based for a secure hold and massively reduced slipping compared to completely 3D toy models. Though despite being a little less hefty in weigh and sheer bulk this “Penis Combo Rider” masturbator is still highly equipped to handle your sexual needs with a dual density core penis of 8.5” inches and a snug little love tunnel just ‘round back

9. Veiny George Penis Sex Doll

Veiny George is a rather unique fellow in the dildo world. Though there are many others that can come close to him in size and outward appearance it’s what’s you can’t see immediately that’s most intriguing.

10. Gladiator Blow Up Sex Doll

   Bring a life sized Roman gladiator into your bedroom for a really in-depth lesson on history’s most sexual and virile men. But this one is packing a special weapon that previous gladiators had never even dreamed of, or maybe they did and that’s where ancient bee vibrators come from.

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