Pipedreams Full Size Gladiator Love Doll

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Pipedreams Full Size Gladiator Love Doll, Best Gay Male Sex DollsManufacturer: Pipedreams
Recommended Retail: $53.66
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Bring a life sized Roman gladiator into your bedroom for a really in-depth lesson on history’s most sexual and virile men. But this one is packing a special weapon that previous gladiators had never even dreamed of, or maybe they did and that’s where ancient bee vibrators come from. At any rate, he’s boasting a vibrating dick and tongue! That’s a combination that’s always a winner and no man on Earth can achieve it without help, unless, of course, you’re this Gladiator love doll.

With a stiff 7” incher and a purposefully protruding tongue, both featuring the aforementioned vibration with multiple speeds, there’s no tantalizing task this muscled man can’t handle. And when the fun is all said and done for the evening you can pop off his pounding pole and wash it with a little warm water and gentle soap. His tongue protrudes enough that a quick wipe down with a wet rag will be a cinch. To make things even easier for you he deflates completely to allow him to be stored in some very small places, away from curious minds and prying eyes, or just your friends when then pop on by.

Let this ripped, Roman stud be your conquering hero tonight! The Pipedream Products Gladiator friend will be packaged privately and discreetly shipped.

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Buy this Sex Doll at Amazon

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