Ride Me Randy 3D Male Torso

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Ride Me Randy 3D Male Torso with Cock, Best Gay Male Sex DollsManufacturer: XR Brands
Recommended Retail: $320.00
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This is the Ride Me Randy 3D Male Torso mini life-sized masturbator and he’s packing a sizeable meat stick to have a pound down with.

Hefty enough in weight and composition to withstand hundreds of pounds and still bound back as if nothing happened at all, this 3D doll is still weighing in at only 23 pounds; making this smaller statured hunk all the easier to bend to your will.

His Sexflesh formed frame is flat backed to allow him to hold his positioning better and also give you the freedom to prop or drape him where other, 3D backed would only roll off or be cumbersome and awkward to handle.

If you’re adventurous with your solo time then a flat backed toy is what you need. And even though he’s a bit more compact in the torso area he’s certainly not compact where it counts! He boasts a nearly 2” inch thick, 7.5” inch long, vascular meat stick.

Sexflesh is a type of thermoplastic rubber or TPR and it is a porous material that cannot be sterilized. It is safest to avoid high heats of any kind as well as direct sunlight for more than mere moments at a time.

Due to the material’s composition you must always use water based personal lubrication. Wash this toy after each use with a nonabrasive soap or cleanser and dry thoroughly before placing in storage.

Packaged and shipped in a private and discreet manner.

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