Sexflesh Double Up Dennis Realistic 3D Ass

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Sexflesh Double Up Dennis Realistic 3D Ass, Best Gay Male Sex DollsManufacturer: Sexflesh
Recommended Retail: $141.51
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Double Up Dennis is a beautifully constructed, hand painted and sculpted piece of oh so fine workmanship with big, bendy boner with veins to spare. He looks astoundingly realistic in his fully 3D form and the feel is his faux flesh is equally awe inspiring. You will be hard pressed to tell the different between Dennis and a living breathing lover. His temperature quickly adapts to yours and he remains warm and inviting. As far as aesthetics go there’s really no more perfectly detailed love doll specimen of this size on the market. He’s impeccable in every way, from his 8.5” inch ram rod to his pert little pucker with inner ridges for added delights.

Due to the nature of SexFlesh as a material, Dennis must be used with only water based lubricants. He must be cleaned promptly after each use with a sex toy cleanser or warm water or a mild, nonabrasive soap. He must also be completely rinsed and dried before placing him in storage. Be sure to store Dennis in a cool and dry location; away from heat sources and direct sunlight. He weighs in at approximately 13 pounds. You can return his skin to feeling silky and supple by dusting him down with corn starch or a sex toy renewal powder.

This toy is packaged privately and shipped to you in discreet packaging as well to ensure that you’re secret remains safely with us and not with the neighbors or your mailman.

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