Sexflesh Ride Me Transsexual Love Doll

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Sexflesh Ride Me Transsexual Love Doll, Best Gay Male Sex DollsManufacturer: Sexflesh
Recommended Retail: $245.42
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A fetish fantasy made of the astoundingly lifelike SexFlesh material this lady is packing a .5” inch surprise and a snuggle tunnel of a back door that’s ribbed and ready. Designed to delight the fantasies of any gender this mix of beauty, bouncy breasts and a big hard on is just what our wildest dreams needed. And with two tunnels for oral and anal on top of the pearl necklace ready breasts and sizable erection you’ll almost not know where to begin! There’s so much to love and with a completely flat back that helps make sure she never slips out of place you’ll have the whole house to lay her down in and she’ll never slide away.

Sexflesh material is one that is phthalate and latex free but it is also porous and needs to be used with only water based lubricants. To ensure that this toy lasts you for many, many, loving nights please make sure that you clean her after each use and dry her completely before placing her in storage. She must be stored away from direct sunlight and any heat sources. It is recommended that you store her in some sort of pillowcase or blanket to protect her supple, easily torn flesh. Her tunnel is open in the back so she can be easily rinsed out. Powder her down with corn starch or a sex toy renewal powder to re-soften the freshly cleaned skin of your doll.

As with all of the items we offer this toy will be privately packaged and shipped to you from the United States.

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