Silicone Male Sex Doll from

Here's a hot, high end male sex doll from Mandarin Duck. He's got a hot six-pack and is incredibly realistic and decidedly 'boy-band' good looking.

There aren’t that many luxury, high end silicone male sex dolls currently available. That is starting to change as more and more people demand them, but right now they are hard to come by. This life-size male sex doll from Mandarin Duck is one of our favorites.

It is as well made as it’s female counterparts, but has a decidedly boy-band look.

At appx 65″ inches tall, this is a life-size male sex doll. He’s made of a medical grade silicone blend. This is the best sex toy material on the market for a number of reasons. It’s hypo-allergenic. It holds heat well. It’s very resistant to bacteria. And it’s tensile degrees reach 550% so it is VERY strong, while also being soft, supple and very life-like.

Medical grade silicone gives you the more realistic skin texture for a sex doll.

He has a titanium skeleton with 36 different points of movement. This lets you pose him in any position you want with the knowledge that he will stay there. Even the fingers can be posed!

Like any silicone sex doll, he should be cleaned at least every 30 days with mild shower foam. You can remove the head and clean it separately, but should try and keep it away from water. When you dry him off, put a bit of baby powder on to make him smooth again.

Male Sex Doll Specifications:

  • Sizes-Height:64.96 inches;
  • Upper Chest Circumference:30.70 inches;
  • Waistline:22.44 inches;
  • Hipline:29.52 inches;
  • Shoulder Width:15.74 inches;
  • Leg Length;31.49 inches;
  • Penis Length:7.48 inches;
  • Anus Length:5.90 inches;

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